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Top 10 Sustainability Solutions Companies in Europe - 2022

“Sustainability is not a trend but something that is here to stay,” says entrepreneur and investor Tim Schumacher. Business plans today often consider sustainability as a part of their sustainability commitment. Initially, sustainability was often seen as corporate responsibility and public relations. This gives it a competitive advantage and helps increase profits. Recent surveys found that 56 per cent of executives said that sustainability was driving their company’s revenue growth. In addition to attracting more customers, sustainable products can result in reduced expenses by reducing energy, packaging and other commodities.

The European Union is transforming into a circular economy with low carbon emissions and greater resource efficiency. From an environmental, economic, and social perspective, this transition is not only a chance for businesses and citizens; it has become a necessity for moving towards a more productive, higher value-added, and more sustainable economy. The benefits of a circular economy go beyond environmental sustainability. A study by McKinsey shows how a circular economy can boost Europe’s resource productivity by 3 per cent until 2030, saving companies 600 billion euros in cost annual and producing an additional 1,800 trillion euros in economic benefits.

Applied Technology Review Europe helps organizations and business leaders to achieve sustainability for the future by integrating the latest technologies. The distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, and analysts would assist in the adoption of cutting-edge technology as soon as possible. If you are eager to implement the latest sustainable technologies in your business, seek professional support in this regard. These companies are selected based on the innovative and user-friendly technological services they render to global enterprises and public sector entities.

We present to you Applied Technology Review Europe’s “Top 10 Sustainability Solutions Providers in Europe - 2022.”

    Top Sustainability Solutions Companies in Europe

  • Breeze Technologies develops sensors to help create transparency on air quality and offer sustainable ways to enhance it. This startup was founded in 2015 in Hamburg, Germany

  • Achilles


    Achilles collects and validates supplier data and mitigates risks globally. This data-driven insight builds more secure, sustainable, better performing supply chains

  • Global Changer

    Global Changer

    Global Changer empowers companies to reach zero emissions and ensure sustainable development by offering its decarbonization platform

  • Green Hydrogen Systems (GREENH: CPH)

    Green Hydrogen Systems (GREENH: CPH)

    Green Hydrogen Systems designs and manufactures efficient, standardised and modular electrolysers for the production of green hydrogen with renewable energy

  • Haemers Technologies

    Haemers Technologies

    Haemers Technologies Group provides sustainable and innovative systems to decontaminate a wide range of polluted soils by in-situ or ex-situ thermal desorption

  • KEW Technology

    KEW Technology

    KEW Technology is a sustainable energy solutions company that provides an innovative approach to tackling climate change by efficiently converting all types of non-recyclable wastes and low-grade biomass into sustainable energy products

  • McPhy (MCPHY: EPA)

    McPhy (MCPHY: EPA)

    McPhy offers innovative hydrogen technologies at the service of the energy transition

  • Nozama


    Nozama provides a set of blockchain-ready-cloud-based technology to support businesses in measuring and compensating their impact through transparency, accuracy, cross-industry collaboration, and customer engagement

  • SES


    SES offers specialized distributed energy solutions and high-quality services depending on ecology factors, sustainability, and new technological trends

  • Tapio


    Tapio offers an innovative platform that empowers companies to build a credible, actionable, and transparent carbon strategies

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